A third of people are vulnerable to the effects of unexpected financial shocks, a report has claimed.

In a survey of 2,059 adults by insurance group Zurich UK, 34% say they wouldn't be able to recover quickly from an unexpected financial shock or loss of income.

Meanwhile, 15% don't know whether they'd be able to cope or not.

The report found that for people to feel financially resilient, some of the most important factors included savings (37%), not being in debt (22%) and job security (17%).

However, 24% of people don't have any savings to fall back on in the event of financial difficulty.

Rose St Louis, savings, insurance and pensions expert at Zurich UK, said:

"It is worrying that one in three do not feel they would be able to recover from a financial shock or loss of income, and do not have the savings in place they need to feel financially resilient.

"We need to encourage people to review their circumstances, assess the solutions available and consider what support exists to protect them and reduce feelings of financial vulnerability."

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